Topical Tips for the Month of January

Top Jobs for January (Do these first if time is limited or the weather is bad)

Order seeds
Buy seed potatoes and chit.
Check apples and potatoes in store and remove rotten ones (and each month till May).
Do not let stored potatoes go below freezing or they will be damaged and develop a nasty taste.
Cut off dead heads of old herbaceous perennials once risk of frost has passed.
Prune apple and pear trees  and weed, feed and mulch young trees
Tidy, weed, feed and mulch rhubarb
Buy fresh seed and potting compost.
Buy fresh blood, fish and bone.
Sieve compost and turf soil for potting compost
Wash pots and trays and propagators.
Service lawn mower.

Optional Jobs for January

Ventilate the greenhouse on sunny days
Manure broad bean beds for spring sowing and planting.
Sow extra broad beans in pots in greenhouse.
Remove old leaves and trim fuchsias (and re-pot fuchsias?).
Skim turf to form new beds.
Construction Projects (easy to bash in fence posts and dig when ground is wet)
Creosote fence panels.
Turn Compost.
Transplant shrubs and trees and plant bare-root trees and shrubs.
Cover wall trained peaches to prevent peach leaf curl.
Plant soft fruit, canes and bushes and cut back hard.
Plant top fruit, apples and pears.
Weed and mulch with well rotted manure asparagus beds.
Timber treatment to benches etc.
Take root cuttings from dormant herbaceous perennials.

Sow in January

plant out
sow direct
sow under cloches
sow in pots in the greenhouse.
Sow in greenhouse carrots, lettuce and kohlrabi for an early crop.
Sow melon, tomatoes, peppers and basil in pots, under glass, with heat (sow monthly).
Sow onions in modules and leeks in pots under glass (greenhouse or coldframe)
Sow summer cauliflower under glass (greenhouse or coldframe)

Harvest in January

Harvest jerusalem artichokes, leeks, parsnip and swedes and even salsify and scorzonera if you grow them.
Pick Brussels sprouts and curly kale as well as beet leaves (perpetual spinach) and chard.
Harvest celery and celeriac
Lift and force chicory to spice up hardy winter lettuce.

If you need to catch up, then here are the Topical Tips for December